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£649.99 Sony VAIO CA1S1E 14-inch Black Laptop

The Sony VAIO CA1S1E 14" Black Laptop is a perfect choice for those, who want an affordable answer to their day-to-day computing needs.

Suitable for both entertainment as well as work purposes, the VAIO CA1S1E features the powerful Intel Core i5 processor (2.30 GHz; with Turbo Boost up to 2.90 GHz) which throughout its existence in the market, has earned a pretty solid reputation owing to its reliability and an impressive speed.

Apart from featuring a powerful processor, the product also comes with 4 GB on board memory that makes multi tasking nothing short of a walk in the park. No matter how heavy (resource consuming) a program really is, you will be always provided with the smooth and hassle free end result with the Vaio CA1S1E. Built-in Graphic memory is 512 MB.

The storage capacity is 320 GB, meaning there is plenty of storage space for you to keep all your movies, songs, games, data and pretty much everything that comprises of bits and bytes.

The program also features an integrated memory stick and SD card reader, built-in stereo speakers, AMD Radeon HD 6470M Graphics card and more.

The Sony VAIO CA1S1E 14" Black Laptop is available at BestBuy for an amount of £649.99 only.