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AMNews: Tunny Rebuilt, Google Wallet Launched, HP Introduces Smart Clients

The Tunny machine, the device used by Allied forces for decoding German High Command messages during World War II, has been rebuilt by engineers from the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park using old photos and diagrams. The original Tunny machines were all destroyed and the original circuit diagrams were either hidden or completely destroyed. Rebuilding a copy of the Tunney machine took a team of three engineers nearly three years.

Asus has revealed another teaser, a brand new Eee PC netbook and gave a few hints about what it may be on its Facebook page yesterday morning. As for the tablet-cum-smartphone from Tuesday 24th, the new mystery picture shows what looks like a netbook but the marketing guys at Asus asked whether users would prefer a pad (tablet), a notebook or a netbook

Telecom giants Virgin Media and TalkTalk have thrashed BT over its claim that its landline-to-mobile phone charges are now going to be far more user-friendly compared to those on other networks. The fixed line and broadband connection provider announced on Wednesday that it was making a “significant” cut-down in the call charges from their landline phones to all the major mobile networks from 28 May.

Google has upped the ante with the launch of Google Wallet, the app that finally brings together all the parts necessary for the search giant to build a mobile e-commerce empire, capable of rivalling its search counterpart in terms of revenue. In a nutshell, users will be able to tap, pay and save using their mobile handset and near field communication (NFC); Google has yet to say when it will become widespread, it has only confirmed that it is field testing it at the moment and will release it "soon".

Hewlett-Packard has made additions to its desktop-to-data-centre client virtualisation portfolio with the introduction of two new Smart Clients and one Thin Client. The HP t5335z and t5565z Smart Clients are Zero clients that support an array of virtualisation platforms like the ones offered by Microsoft, VMware and Citrix.

Ravi Mandalia
Ravi Mandalia

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