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Apple Files Then Dismisses Lawsuit Against Teenager

Apple filed, and apparently dismissed, a lawsuit against a teenage boy for selling white conversion kits for its iPhone 4.

The boy, Fei Lik "Phillip" Lam, used to run an online business that allowed people to convert a black iPhone 4 into a white one. The business capitalised on the fact that Apple was delaying the launch of the white version of the device.

The boy's website, ‘’, was shut down after receiving a cease and desist order from Apple. After the cease and desist order, Apple filed a lawsuit against the boy and his parents for infringing on the company’s trademark.

“Defendant at all times knew that Apple never has authorized the sale of white panels for its iPhone 4 mobile devices, and that he obtained these panels from sources that were not authorized by Apple or any of its suppliers to sell them,” the lawsuit said.

According to Apple’s complaint, Lam had been running his business by procuring iPhone 4 parts from a contact in China.

But, according to an article on Mac Rumors, Apple has filed a voluntary dismissal request indicating that the company had reached a settlement with Lam and his parents.