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Media Confusion Over Spotify-Facebook Deal

Spotify and Facebook may not be able to launch joint music service in the coming two weeks as they have yet to procure the licenses from record labels, it has been claimed.

Recently, Forbes had reported that Spotify struck a deal with social networking giant Facebook to offer its music streaming service on its platform.

Forbes sources had said that the service could be launched in the next two weeks but only in countries where Spotity was already active.

Now an article on TechCrunch is claiming that Spotify won’t launch a service on Facebook if the service won’t be available in the US, but in order to get into the US, Spotify needs licenses from at least two record companies.

TechCrunch claims that the two week period cited by Forbes was too optimistic as it would take more than two weeks for the service to be launch.

Meanwhile, Sean Parker, the creator of Napster and a Spotify shareholder, told Reuters that he expects Spotify to be launched in the US this summer. "It's very close. I'm more optimistic than at any other point," Parker said.

Spotify is trying to move into the US market at the same time as Apple and Google are moving into the music streaming market.