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Microsoft In Favour Of Expensive Mobile Apps

Software giant Microsoft said that it was eager to have expensive apps on its Windows Phone 7 platform.

Speaking during a press conference in Helsinki, the director of app developer program, Brandon Watson said that Microsoft was OK with developers selling less than a million apps as long as they make a million dollars, Bloomberg reported.

“I’d rather developers sell fewer than a million downloads and get to a million dollars. If we can support a higher price point that’s good for developers,” Watson said.

Microsoft believes that Nokia’s global presence would help its Windows Phone 7 platform to grow, as it prepares to take on Apple and Google with its Windows Phone Mango update that brings 500 new features to the platform.

Nokia has a strong hold in India, Russia and China, which the Chinese mobile phone market being a top priority for Microsoft. Along with the Mango update, Microsoft also extended local Windows Phone Marketplace support to more countries beyond the 19 it had originally started out with.

Talking about Windows Phone 7 on Nokia devices, Watson said “It will look slightly different on the phone from the one that’s for all the other vendors, and they will have more control over the merchandising.”