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New Rumors Surface About A Windows Tablet OS

Microsoft will reportedly unveil a tablet version of the Windows operating system next week.

Three people with the knowledge of the situation told Bloomberg that the company will demonstrate the tablet Windows OS on devices running Nvidia’s Tegra microprocessor, which is based ARM technology.

Microsoft had previously announced that the next version of Windows will support both Intel and ARM chips and will also be available on a range of tablet PCs.

The company has been trying to push its Windows platform into the tablet PC market, which is dominated by Apple' iPad and various tablets running the Google Android OS. With the company already late to the party, Microsoft is hoping to generate some interest among users and device makers on the prospect of having Windows on a tablet PC.

Even if the company demonstrate the platform next week, tablets running the platform won’t be launched before next year. In a recent speech at the Windows Developer Forum in Japan, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated that Windows 8 will arive in 2012, though Microsoft later retracted the statement.

There ar rumors that Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky will unveil Windows 8 platform during his appearance at the AllThingsDigital conference. Windows vice president Steve Guggenheimer will be addressing the Computext conference in Taipei.