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Noon News: Google Adds New Feature To Gmail, Tablet Version Of Windows, Amazon Call Centre In Edinburgh

Google has introduced a new feature to its Gmail email service that aggregates and displays the communication with a particular contact. The Gmail ‘people widget’, which will be rolled out globally in the next few weeks, will be present on the right hand side of the interface.

Spotify and Facebook may not be able to launch joint music service in the coming two weeks as they have yet to procure the licenses from record labels, it has been claimed. Recently, Forbes had reported that Spotify struck a deal with social networking giant Facebook to offer its music streaming service on its platform.

Microsoft will reportedly unveil a tablet version of the Windows operating system next week. Three people with the knowledge of the situation told Bloomberg that the company will demonstrate the tablet Windows OS on devices running Nvidia’s Tegra microprocessor, which is based ARM technology.

Amazon is going to set up a new call centre in Edinburgh, Scotland, a move that has been seen by many as a part of the company’s latest attempt to expand its UK operation. The new call centre, aimed at handling customer enquiries for, as well as delivering technical assistance for Amazon MP3 and Kindle services, will bring a total of 900 jobs to the city; 500 of them will be permanent, and the other 400 will be on a temporary basis, the company revealed.

Apple filed, and apparently dismissed, a lawsuit against a teenage boy for selling white conversion kits for its iPhone 4. The boy, Fei Lik "Phillip" Lam, used to run an online business that allowed people to convert a black iPhone 4 into a white one. The business capitalised on the fact that Apple was delaying the launch of the white version of the device.