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Sage Announces ERP X3 Integration With Oracle 11g

Enterprise software maker Sage has announced the integration of its Sage ERP X3 enterprise resource planning solution with Oracle’s Database 11g platform.

According to the company, the move will simplify the implementation of the solution and allow users to exploit the various advantages and capabilities that come with using the ERP solution on Oracle’s database platform.

Sage said that by integrating the solution deep with Oracle’s platform, clients will be available to achieve one-click installation of Oracle Database 11g from Sage ERP X3 and enhanced support for data back-up.

Going forward, the company plans to add the use of Instant Client, which automates the references to a database, the Oracle Database Configuration Assistant which aids in creating database instances, support for Oracle Exadata and Oracle Automatic Storage Management and enhancements to the back-up/restore processes.

“We have combined the latest release of Oracle Database 11g within our solutions to the benefit of our mutual customers. To define, test and deliver a software architecture for Sage ERP X3 and Oracle Database 11g combined, will be of great value to our current and future customers,” said Emmanuel Obadia, Senior VP, Sage ERP X3.

“The net result is that Sage ERP X3 can offer one of the most powerful technologies to its customers with minimal total cost of ownership,” he added.