Senator Franken Demands Location-Data Use Policies

US Senator Al Franken has asked Apple and Google to make it mandatory for developers to provide policies for apps that make use of location data.

The request comes after the lawmaker held a Protecting Mobile Privacy hearing in which representatives from Apple and Google gave testimony.

In a letter sent to Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google CEO Larry Page, Franken pointed out that neither Apple or Google require developers to provide a privacy policy.

The senator said that there is a need for greater transparency, and that the first step is to require apps to give users a detailed privacy policy, Apple Insider reports.

“Although I believe there is a greater need for transparency and disclosure for the collection and sharing of all personal information, at a minimum, I ask that you require all location-aware applications in your app stores to provide privacy policies that clearly specify what kind of location information is gathered from users, how that information is used, and how it is shared with third parties,” the senator wrote.

Apple and Google had come under fire from consumers and privacy groups after a group of researchers discovered that the companies collected and used location data without customers' knowledge.