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UK Government Continues To Roll Out Super-Fast Broadband

The UK government has initiated the next phase of its plans to bring super-fast broadband to rural areas.

Under the next phase of the plans, homes and businesses in Devon, Somerset, Norfolk and Wiltshire will get super-fast broadband connections.

The government has allocated £530 million to bring super-fast broadband to rural areas. The initiative is a part of a larger plan to make the UK the best country for broadband by 2015. It was also hinted that additional funds might be provided by the end of this year, BBC (opens in new tab)reports.

Each county will be given its share of the £530 million fund to bring super-fast broadband to areas under them. The government said that there were not enough funds to bring super-fast broadband to the entire nation and that private funding would also be required to realise the plans.

Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt said that the internet was just as necessary in UK homes and businesses as phone and electrical lines.

“This is great news for people in Wiltshire, Norfolk, Devon and Somerset, and other councils will soon have the chance to bid for a nationwide funding programme. This is part of our plan for virtually every community in the UK to have access to super-fast broadband,” said Hunt.