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We Told You! Apple To Use iPad 2 SoC In New Macbook Air?

A Japanese website that extensively covers Apple & its products has revealed that the company may be toying with a new Macbook Air laptop that is based on the Apple A5 system on chip, which is based on the ARM Cortex-A9.

Macotakara said that a source saw a live Macbook Air running on the A5 rather than Intel's more expensive and power hungry (but also more powerful) Core 2 Duo processor.

The source did not see whether Mac OS X or iOS was running on the laptop although it's very likely that the device is a prototype rather than a fully-fledged laptop destined for mass production.

Moving from Mac OS X to iOS comes with its own set of difficulties and obstacles although there are hints that Apple is gradually working towards a unified operating system that will bring the two together.

Apple has already replaced Intel parts in one of its product range, Apple TV, shifting to the cheaper, power-sipping and most importantly, proprietary, Apple A4. We did specifically point out the fact that the new Macbook Air should get Intel and Microsoft worried, as early as October last year.

Back then we said: "If Apple can achieve so much with an obsolete processor, imagine what the Cupertino behemoth could do with a streamlined A5 (or A6) SoC based on the ARM Cortex A9 processor."

Of course, the whole idea of Apple dumping Intel altogether is not new and has been around ever since the company acquired two chip-designing companies. And we believe that Apple may even be looking to revive the defunct Project Aquarius.