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World’s first 64GB microSD card launched

Renowned makers of DRAM and flash memory Kingmax has unveiled the highest capacity microSD card for mobile devices, in the Kingmax 64GB microSD card.

The 64GB memory card is the size of a fingernail and no larger than other microSD cards, other than the storage capacity has doubled from the highest cards currently available today.

The new card from Kingmax is compatible with a large range of devices, from mobiles phones, to tablets that comply with the SD3.0 and Class 6 specification.

Kingmax’s 64GB card has implemented the 9 Stacked Die technology, along with building in Error Correction Code (ECC) that auto detects and reconstructs lost data during transmission to ensure reliable data transfer.

The microSD card also comes with the Wear leveling algorithm function, which allocates all the information into different areas in the memory card to increase each area’s average usage and helps to maximize product lifetime.

The larger capacity cards are ideal for storing media from the higher megapixel cameras that accompany mobile phones today, as the increased MP also delivers HD video recording in the likes of 720P and now 1080P with their larger video sizes.

There’s been no news as to the cost of the 64GB microSD card from Kingmax, or the arrival date but we expect to hear more from them soon.

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