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Yahoo Rolls Out New Inbox With Facebook Integration

Yahoo has begun the global roll out of its revamped Yahoo Mail, which comes with deeper Facebook and Twitter integration.

The company announced that the service, which has been in beta since October, has been redesigned to offer better speeds and an enhanced search feature that lets users search photos, videos and other media on Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo claims that it has made it a lot easier for its 284 million users to integrate their Facebook and Twitter accounts with Yahoo Mail. Users will be able to send and receive Facebook status messages and Twitter posts directly from their inbox, Yahoo said.

Yahoo has also introduced a priority inbox feature, also found in Gmail, which will prioritise the messages sent by people’s contacts. The revamped email service will be able to display photos and videos in thumbnails and comes with improved spam filtering technology.

The platform has also been tailored for use on mobile devices, the company said.

"Yahoo!'s vision for online communications brings together all the tools that people use to connect -- email, chat, SMS, and social updates -- and makes it easier for them to share content and engage in conversations," said chief product officer Blake Irving, AFP reports.

“We're delivering on this strategy with the latest version of Yahoo! Mail.”