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15 Minute Video Teaches People To Hack Online Accounts

Volunteers in a security study were able to hack each others email accounts after watching a 15-minute video tutorial on YouTube.

The study was carried out by internet security firm CCP Group and involved people with no technical backgrounds. A baker, a television producer and a retiree were able to hack into each others account using the tutorials available on YouTube using a ‘man in the middle’ attack.

The study pointed out that how easy it is for someone to hack into ccpa social networking account, email account and online shopping account by simply accessing the tools and video tutorials that are freely available online, PC Advisor reports.

The researchers found that there were more than 20,000 videos online that gave detailed instructions on how to hack an online account.

The CCP advised people to be more careful protecting their accounts from being hacked and urged the government to take steps to deal with the problem.

“The recent Sony security breach that saw a hacker gain access to the personal data of more than 100 million online gamers, including people in Britain, has demonstrated the growing and widespread risk that hackers pose to consumers and businesses,” said CCP’s identity expert Michael Lynch

“It is important people are aware of the risks so they can take the necessary steps to protect their identities and manage any compromised data.”