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Amazon's Mac Download Store Directly Competes With Apple

Just a few months after releasing a dedicated Android app store, Amazon launched its own Mac application download store on Thursday.

Amazon's new service is expected to offer cut-throat competition to Apple’s indigenous Mac App Store.

Amazon has named the store, “Mac Software Downloads”, and it reportedly features a wide range of software as well as games built for the Mac platform, Loop Insight reports.

Amazon has long offered software for both Mac and Windows through its retail platform, but Mac Software Downloads is its first service centered around the Mac OS platform.

Unlike the rival Apple Mac App Store, the Amazon store features Office for Mac 2010, and Office for Mac 2011; users can't buy Microsoft Windows through Apple's site. Amazon is even offering the software for a bit less than their original “boxed” versions.

It remains to be seen how Apple will counter the online retail behemoth.

Amazon currently has about 250 titles for sale in Mac Software Downloads, focusing on applications more than games. This new service is in line with Amazon's other recent moves, turning itself into a portal for apps, software and ebooks, all products that require minimal overhead for customers to download.