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Games outfit Codemasters hacked

UK-based video game publisher Codemasters has had its we site hacked, the attackers managing to make off with a few admin names, the outfit confessed.

The hack follows recent attacks on Sony's gaming network as well as many other bits and bobss of the company. Game maker Square Enix was also the subject of an attack in what is looking like a concerted effort by miffed gamers to lash out at the companies providing them with their entertainment.

Codemasters, publisher of the on a long line of Colin McRae racing games including the latest DiRT series, issued a statement claimingit had "responded swiftly with a full investigation" to isolate what it called an "issue". It downed for a few hours itself "to ensure no access would be possible, and returned the website after a security hole was closed."

The firm said "some" staff admin names were obtained" by the hackers.

We asked Codemasters to clarify the details of the hack an whether it might speculate on any connection between this and the attack on Sony's PSN and Square Enix.

The outfit hasn't bothered to reply to our request.