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iPad 2 Now Available In Taiwan But Could Sell Out By Tomorrow

The iPad 2 has hit Taiwanese stores today and retailers suggest it could sell out by tomorrow. Apple’s distributors have brought the tablet onto the shelves today but they think their limited iPad 2 stock could sell out within a day because of the high demand.

As usual, people have been camping out in long lines in front of stores to make sure they get their hands on an iPad 2. Apple has shipped 15,000 iPad 2 units to Taiwan, but the stock is too low to satisfy the local store demand, local media reports.

"We have 5,500 units of the iPad 2 in our 30 stores around the country [...] but we are still likely to run out of inventory in one day due to strong demand. In that case, consumers who want to buy the iPad 2 may have to wait until early June,” Steven Yen, Vice President at Tsann Kuen, one of the iPad 2 retailers stated.

Taiwan is part of the fourth wave of the iPad 2 launch, which has been released in the US, Europe, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and China.

One million iPad 2 units were sold in the US in the first release weekend, Reuters reported; while analysts suggest 35 to 40 million iPad 2 devices will be sold in 2011.