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Nokia Confirms Symbian Support Till 2016, Windows Phone In 2012

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has said that the company will support its Symbian mobile phone operating system till 2016.

Speaking during an interview with the Chinese edition of Nokia Conversations, Elop said that the company would continue to support Symbian throughout the transition period to Windows Phone 7 and has hired Accenture to offer support for Symbian till 2016.

Nokia had thrown millions of Symbian users in limbo by named Microsoft as its primary operating system partner. Elop was criticised for his role in signing the deal with Microsoft. But just when people had thought that Symbian was a goner, Nokia had detailed its plans to launch a major update to the platform, along with new devices.

“We're in a period where the investment in Symbian absolutely continues,” Elop said, echoing what Nokia had previously said to pacify customers.

“Even as we go through a transition to our primary Smartphone platform, Windows Phone, you will see that continued investment and I know there have been questions about how long does that continue and we've now been very clear about that - that software updates to Symbian devices are expected until at least 2016,” he add.

Nokia is currently working on developing and releasing the first Smartphones based on the Windows Phone 7 platform. However, the devices are not expected to be available before 2012.

Watch the interview here: