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Report Claims Mobile Apps On Apple Far More Successful Than Android

A new report released by Distimo throws light on the number of downloads Apple and Google’s mobile application stores are receiving.

According to the report, Android developers are finding it very hard to monetise their operations as compared to the developers working with Apple.

The report revealed that Google Maps was the only application downloaded more than 50 million times, The Inquirer reports. Meanwhile, only 96 applications have been downloaded more than 5 million times.

On the Android Market, only two paid apps have received more than 500,000 downloads while six paid applications have passed that figure on Apple’s platform in the United States alone, in a period of two months.

When it comes to games, Apple is again seen beating Android. Ten game applications on iOS received more than 250,000 downloads in two months, while only 5 games on Android have breached that mark.

Experts believe that one of the core reasons behind the gaps between Apple and Google is that Google fails to update its top paid and free apps list at a faster rate while Apple does it almost regularly, thus providing more visibility to the apps.