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Aspergers Patients' Personal Information Compromised

In yet another data breach, it was recently discovered that a laptop containing sensitive information about 80 children with Asperger’s syndrome was stolen from Asperger's Children and Carers Together (ACCT).

It has also been learned that the laptop was stolen from an employee’s house last December, and that it carried names, addresses and key medical information about these children.

Not surprisingly, the Information Commissioner’s office reacted quite sharply by calling the incident a violation of the Data Protection laws, and asked the charity to ensure that in the future “information is encrypted”.

However, this is not the first-of-its-kind incident when such data breaches involving sensitive personal information was reported. Earlier, the Wheelbase Motor Project, another charity based in Nottingham also reportedly lost a hard drive containing key personal information about 50 young people.

"The ICO's guidance is clear - any organisation that stores personal information on a laptop or other portable devices must make sure that the information is encrypted,” said Sally-Anne Poole, the ICO enforcement group manager, the BBC (opens in new tab)reports.

"Information about young people's medical conditions or criminal convictions is obviously sensitive and should have been adequately protected."