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Motorist On Two Mobile Phones While On Road, Caught Driving With Knees

The police have nabbed a 34-year old motorist for using two mobile phones while driving-apparently he was driving the car with his knees.

According to an article on the Daily Mail, officers caught him during a regular sweep for motorists using phones while driving in Norfolk.

He was caught at around 10.40am on May 17 during a two week drive to catch irresponsible drivers. 239 of them were caught and fined during the two weeks.

They first thought that the man was only talking on the mobile while driving but when they stopped him they discovered that he was texting with the other hand while driving the car, on a 70Mph lane, with his knees.

The unnamed man has had his car, which did not have insurance, impounded. He now faces charges of driving without due care and attention and driving without insurance. The man also faces six points on his licenses and thousands of pounds in fine.

“Driving while using a mobile means you are not concentrating fully on the road. Using one mobile phone is silly but two phones is amazingly silly” a spokeswoman for the Norfolk Constabulary, said in a statement.