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Nokia E6 Available For Pre-order In The UK

Nokia’s highly awaited E6 Smartphone device is finally available for pre-order in the UK, it has been announced.

The device, which appeared for pre-order on the Nokia Direct Store, comes with an 8MP camera capable of HD video recording, a full touch screen and a Qwerty keyboard.

The Nokia E6 comes with the same screen pixel density found on Apple’s iPhone 4, 326 ppi, which is quite shocking in its own right. The Symbian based device also comes with 8GB of internal memory and a front facing VGA camera.

E6 also comes with a PDF reader, the ability to create and edit Microsoft Office documents on the go, auto-sync for Microsoft email and loads of pre-loaded apps for Facebook, Twitter and business apps

The SIM-free version of the device is available for £349 while it is available on PAYG schemes on Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone for £339.

The device is also being offered on two 24 month contracts on Vodafone and T-Mobile. Vodafone is charging £25 per month for unlimited text, 500 minutes and 500MB download while T-Mobile is offering 600 minutes and unlimited text and data for £25.53 per month.