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Nokia Eyes Mobile App Emerging Market, Pushes Symbian Series 40 Web App

Nokia has come up with its own web app platform, designed to meet the growing demand for mid-tier mobile phone applications in the emerging markets.

Earlier in April this year, the company had provided developers with tools to develop, test and deploy Series 40 Symbian operating system applications. Taking the process a step further, the company is now granting a wide range of apps for distribution through its Ovi store.

According to the company, these web based apps can be used through the Ovi Web browser. The Ovi browser debuted in beta in summer, last year.

Series 40 mobile phones are the mid-tier offering from Nokia and today, most of them they carry color screen, music players, camera, MMS, Bluetooth as well as basic Web-browsers.

Although these mobiles may not look particularly attractive to the eyes of a tech-savvy user, especially in comparison with today’s high end Smartphone devices, but they do contribute a lot to the overall sales-figure of Nokia- almost a million each day.

Meanwhile, a survey by Getjar showed last year that in coming days mobile app store downloads won’t solely be driven by games, but by productivity apps, especially those used by people without a fixed line internet connection.