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Price Of Nintendo Wii Falls Down To £89

Tesco has slashed the price of the Nintendo Wii gaming console to a mere £89 excluding delivery and after a £10 discount using voucher code TDX-NKLP at checkout.

The deal, which is available for white or black consoles, includes the newer Motion Plus controller and Sport Resort but no other bundled game.

The price of the Nintendo Wii has been falling significantly over the last few weeks. It carried a suggested retail price of £180 which means that Tesco's deal is almost half the SRP.

It is likely that Nintendo is clearing out existing stocks of its Wii console as it prepares to present a follow-up gaming console, currently known as Project Cafe, at E3 which starts on the 6th of June.

Strangely enough, prices of accessories like the Wii Board or the accompanying nunchucks have yet to fall by any significant amount which leads us to believe that Nintendo may decide to extend their compatibility to the new console.

We expect the Wii 2 console to be based on a significantly improved version of the IBM system on chip used in the current Wii, with much better graphics capabilities, with HDMI connectivity but without the Gamecube compatibility and a smaller power supply unit.

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