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600 Texts, 312 Emails: How Parents Keep Track Of Their Children

A study carried out for National Family Week found that parents needed to send at least 600 texts, 312 emails and spend more than 1500 minutes on the phone every year to keep track of where their children are.

The report found that 20 per cent of parents thought that social networking websites like Facebook were the best place to find out what their sons and daughters were doing.

The downside though, according to the parents that were polled (around 5000 in all), is that family life seems to have suffered, although most of them said that it was "just a consequence of modern life".

More than half of those surveyed said that mobile phones and online networking "overly preoccupied" their children, while a sixth of the respondents said that they think texting was the most serious culprit when it came to technology negatively impacting family life. In addition more than a third banned mobile phones and laptops at the dinner table.

Nick Henry, a spokesperson for the NFW, said “Having to contact your children in these ways is a consequence of modern life. Advances in technology have had advantages too. It could be argued that 20 years ago it would be harder to keep track of the family throughout the day.”

The survey was carried out to coincide with Natonal Family Week which takes place from the 30th of May till the 5th of June.