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AMD's Bulldozer expected to get Computex outing

AMD's upcoming Bulldozer architecture could be due for an unveiling at this year's Computex event - and while the company's press conference isn't until Wednesday, its board partners are itching to spill the beans.

Motherboard manufacturers Asus and Gigabyte have both been distributing material to press which mentions the Bulldozer name - although never directly as a new architecture or having to do with chips from AMD. With such an uncommon name in the tech world, however, there's little else to which the companies could be referring.

AMD is keeping a tight lid on the surprises it has in store for the press on Wednesday, but rumours from earlier in the year suggested a June launch date for the architecture - which fits the Wednesday time scale perfectly.

Previous leaks have revealed chips codenamed 'Zambezi' and due for release as the four-core FX-4110, the six-core FX-6110, and the eight-core FX-8110 and FX-8130P models at retail. Featuring an entirely redesigned floating point unit and a clever integer execution unit that can handle up to four 64-bit instructions per thread, Bulldozer is AMD's best chance at fighting back against Intel's current dominance of the desktop PC market.

Whatever AMD's press conference on Wednesday brings, we'll be sure to let you know as soon as it happens.