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AMNews: Tunny Machine Revisited, Zuckerberg Vows To Kill And Eat, Padfone Pictures Released, Skype Issue Lingers

Pictures of the Padfone, one of the four devices set to be announced later at Computex by Asus during a press conference, have emerged online. Pocketnow has published the exclusive pictures on its website hours after Asus published the last teaser about its forthcoming products on its Facebook product page here.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to only eat meat of animals that he has killed himself. The young billionaire likes to set personal challenges for himself and this time, he has taken to exclusively eating meat that he has killed. Zuckerberg says that after taking the vow, he has practically turned vegetarian.

Some Skype users have been reporting that the update that Skype issued to fix a corruption that affected users' systems, more specifically, an XML file, had not solve the issue. The VoIP provider urges users to make sure that there are no Skype processes running in the background which might prevent the update from being successful.

To many, the Tunny machine was just as vital to breaking the codes of the German army during World War II as was Colossus; the device's main purpose was to deliver the final decrypts of enciphered communications of the German High Command.