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Anonymous attacks target PROTECT IP supporters

Online mischief-making bunch Anonymous has launched attacks at supporters of the controversial Protect IP Bill, which seeks to give the US justice Department a wide range of tools to allow authorities and copyright holders to kill off web sites they don't like.

According to the Armthehomeless blog, the Anonymites have a new weapon in their armoury to go alongside the LOIC botnet. Anon claims to have brought down a Warner Brothers Music Group site using this combination.

Also targeted in the campaign have been the American Association of Independent Music website and the Independent Film and Television Alliance, both sponsors of the Protect IP Bill. The blog says the sites were downed and we've been unable to confirm that claim yet. The IFTA site is functional at the time of writing, while we're having trouble reaching the AAIM site.

Anonymous also proved it can share the love too, though, praising US Senator for Oregon Ron Wyden who placed a hold on the controversial PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), of which he said: "At the expense of legitimate commerce, PIPA’s prescription takes an overreaching approach to policing the Internet when a more balanced and targeted approach would be more effective. The collateral damage of this approach is speech, innovation and the very integrity of the Internet."

Anonymous addressed the senator thanking him for his intervention. "Your support," they wrote, "will be crucial to stomping out this outdated piece of legislature before it is enacted, and thus saving us from a totalitarian regime being integrated into something so crucial to our daily lives."

They add: "Make no mistake if it starts here, it will spread to the rest of the world soon enough and until the internet as we know it now ceases to exist.