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Computex: Is Asus Going To Give A Preview Of Bulldozer?

Asus' marketing website, Techinstyle, dropped a bombshell a couple of days ago by publishing an article entitled "AMD Bulldozer in the Crosshair".

The article, mentions that something new is in ROG's Crosshair, with ROG standing for Asus's premium gaming range, the Republic of Gamers.

Asus will be holding an event tomorrow, Tuesday 31st, in Taiwan with the theme "Experience the ROG revolution" and according to TIS, the new technology will allow gamers to squeeze more MHz from their processors.

From the picture published on the site, we can just make out that there will be three levels of overclocking for the south bridge (normal, high and crazy), at least four SATA6G ports and one chip, the iROG P128V1, which was used in the old Asus Crosshair Formula IV motherboard.

If Asus manages to showcase Bulldozer tomorrow, it will be the first time, as far as we remember, that the chip will appear in a non-AMD setup, which means that an official launch is not that far off.

Bulldozer will be AMD's first major architectural redesign since 2003 when the Opteron and Athlon 64 range was launched and will scale up to 16-core modules with the Interlagos range cramming up to 32 cores on one chip.

Four Bulldozer chips are expected to be launched initially with TDP ranging from 95W to 125W and core count from four to eight.