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Google Airs First British Television Ad

Google aired its first British TV advert during the final of the Champions League match.

The ad, for the Chrome web browser, is a rework of a popular Chrome US ad in which a father chronicle the life of his newborn daughter ‘Hollie’. The ad features actual footage of a girl taken by her family.

In the ad, the father sets up an email account for her daughter and keeps sending her messages, photos and videos over time in an attempt to chronicle her early life, using Google products. In America, the ad is named Dear Sophie, but in the UK, the girl’s name is Hollie.

The American version of the ad proved to be a hit on YouTube, garnering more than a million views on YouTube within three weeks of its launch, T3 (opens in new tab)reports.

Google has been airing TV ads in the US for the past several years but this is the first time the company has taken to the tube to reach out its users in the UK. Google had previously restricted itself to billboards and newspaper ads to promote its products in the UK.

Recently, Google roped in popstar Lady Gaga to promote its Chrome web browser in the US. The popstar, who has more than 10 million followers on Twitter, urged her ‘little monsters’ to use Chrome to express themselves.