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Hackers Plant Fake News Story On PBS Website

A group of hackers broke into the PBS website and posted a fake story about famous rapper Tupac Shakur being alive and kicking in New Zealand.

Hacker group The Lulz Boat claimed responsibility for the attack. The group also managed to steal usernames, passwords and other data belonging to the media group and its affiliates.

The group, which was also behind the attack on Sony Music, said that it decided to strike PBS because of its portrayal of Bradley Manning in a Wikileaks documentary. The fake story about Tupac being alive was posted on The RunDown blog.

The story, which managed to get 3,000 likes on Facebook, was taken offline after an hour of being online.

The hackers posted the links to stolen information from PBS on Twitter to prove they were responsible for the attack. The disclosed data included the links to the fake story, passwords for the MySQL database, station passwords, a map of PBS’s internal network and station passwords.

A Sophos security expert said that no special skill was used in the attack and that it was purely done to gain fame.

“There was absolutely no skill involved in this attack, as it used freely available tools to exploit the databases. The attackers represent nothing more than what many historically thought of as hackers: people creating chaos with no other purpose than gaining fame, irrespective of the damage caused,” Sophos said, TG Daily reports.