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iPad 2 Jailbreak Expected In Roughly Three Weeks

p0sixninja is working very hard on developing the jailbreaking tools for the iPad 2 and his new creation should become available in "about three weeks", rumours suggest.

The info was released on Twitter on Saturday by veeence. This is the same person who correctly anticipated the launch of an untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 4.3.1. In his tweet, veence estimated that the jailbreak solution should be completed in three weeks’ time:

"It’ll likely work on the iPad 2G as well, as soon as it gets jailbroken. Rough ETA is about 3 weeks, according to @p0sixninja."

p0sixninja, the guy the Chronic Dev Team has put in charge of developing the iPad 2 jailbreak solution, has been working hard on this for quite a while. The iPad 2 is powered by an Apple A5 dual-core processor, which makes it difficult to find a way to jailbreak the device.

This is why p0sixninja’s progress has been rather slow. This month, the Chronic Dev Team announced that they had found “one of the missing puzzle pieces” that would allow them to jailbreak the iPad 2. It seems indeed that the guys have discovered the Achiles' heel of the security system of the iPad 2.

However, iPad 2 users shouldn't get too excited just yet since punctuality is not the strong point of the Chronic Dev Team.