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iPad Causing Windows Sales To Drop

Microsoft has always had steady sales and the company reported good revenue even when the times were hard and the economy was crumbling. But now it seems that the tech giant is beginning to see its sales shrink with the culprit for this being the iPad.

A report issued by Business Insider shows how Windows sales have been affected by Apple’s tablet surge. The Cupertino giant released its first iPad in March 2010 and ever since that date, Windows sales growth has started dropping. Moreover, sales growth has gone down every quarter and it seems that in March 2011, Windows sales growth actually went negative for the first time, Citi analyst Walter Pritchard revealed.

As incredible as this piece of news might seem, it is nevertheless true. Tablets are becoming more and more popular and it appears that PCs are taking the brunt of this new sector expansion. Examining the chart, one cannot help but wonder whether Steve Jobs was actually right and PCs are indeed living in their last days. Maybe people are finally getting tired of their old PC and they simply want to move to the "freedom" of a tablet (as the Apple CEO put it).

Could it be that the world is going slowly but surely into a post-PC era?