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Late News: Torvalds Releases Linux 3.0 RC1, Nvidia Launches Tegra Powered Table PC, Emulator Removed From Android Market

Linus Torvalds has released the Linux 3.0 Release Candidate 1 to the masses without much fanfare. In a blog post, Torvalds said that there had been much debate over what the new Linux kernel would be called, as this release marks the 40th major version of the 20-year-old software. Torvalds decided to chuck everything and go with Linux 3.0.

Motorola is reportedly planning to launch an Nvidia Tegra quad-core tablet PC as early as this autumn. The graphic card maker had showcased the four-core processor running on a prototype tablet at the Mobile World Congress and had announced that the first tablets running the new processor will arrive this fall.

Graphics-card manufacturer Nvidia has unveiled a prototype tablet PC powered by an advanced four-core version of the Tegra processor. The company also revealed that tablets based on the new Tegra processor will hit the market sometime in September.

Sony is rumoured to have named its upcoming next generation portable (NGP) hand-held gaming device ‘Vita’, which means ‘Life’ in Latin. The company is expected to unveil the hand-held at the upcoming E3 gaming conference. Industry watchers had been saying that the company will continue using the PlayStation Portable brand name for the console, but the new reports claim otherwise.

Google has decided to crack down on game emulators by removing the popular ‘-oid’ series emulators offered by developer Yongzh from its Android Market. Several popular emulators available on the Android Market store have been removed by the company as a result of a take-down request, PC World reports.