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Motorola May Launch First Four-Core Tablet By This Fall

Motorola is reportedly planning to launch an Nvidia Tegra quad-core tablet PC as early as this fall.

The graphic card maker had showcased the four-core processor running on a prototype tablet at the Mobile World Congress and had announced that the first tablets running the new processor will arrive this fall.

Motorola, which was the first to use dual-core processors in its Xoom tablet, might launch the first four-core tablet this fall.

Sources have told Fudzilla that the new Motorola tablet might be launched in September, around the back-to-school shopping season. Nvidia has designed the processor with gaming in mind.

The Tegra 3 processor, codenamed Kal-El, delivers faster and better graphics than Tegra 2 or the processor in the iPad 2. Nvidia has placed all its bets on Android and has announced that devices running the Tegra 3 processor will be launched by 10 manufacturers.

Motorola, which has had a hard time selling the Xoom tablet, might finally be able to pitch an opponent worthy of the iPad 2, which comes with a dual core processor.

The company might also decide to launch the tablet under new brand name in an effort to distance the new tablet from the poorly received Motorola Xoom.