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Nvidia Releases Inexpensive, Wired 3D Glasses

Nvidia has announced low-cost wired 3D glasses for its 3D Vision system platform.

The glasses come with a 10-foot USB wire that come with support for more than 65 common models of monitor, projectors and notebooks that support Nvidia’s 3D Vision platform.

The company said that the $99 glasses, which come with Nvidia’s active shutter technology, will allow gamers and 3D enthusiasts to access more than 525 full HD 3D games on the 3DVisionLive website and stream and view scores of 3D videos on the YouTube video sharing platform.

Nvidia also reported that the glasses won’t require batteries and users will be able to secure the wire to the PC with a computer lock.

"3D Vision provides gamers and enthusiasts with the world's largest ecosystem of 3D products and features," said Phil Eisler, general manager of 3D Vision at NVIDIA, TechWatch reports.

"3D fans have been waiting for more affordable glasses, and we're expecting our new 3D Vision wired glasses to hit the sweet spot for them," he added.

The cheap 3D glasses will be available in late June and will be available from the Nvidia store and other retail outlets and websites. The wireless version of the glasses are expected to cost $149.