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One million Samsung Galaxy S2 Units Sold In Korea, Threat To iPhone 5

Samsung has every reason to bring out the champagne and celebrate – its one millionth Galaxy S II has been sold in Korea, and that in just one month. This equates to one phone being sold every three seconds. To compare, the Galaxy S needed 70 days to reach the one million sales threshold.

The Galaxy S II arrived in Korea in late April and sold 100,000 units in just three days and 500,000 in two weeks. The company believes that the smartphone’s success is due to its excellent hardware, especially the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen. The 21Mbps 3G, SGS II’s thinness (8.9mm) and the TouchWiz interface are also credited for boosting sales.

In comparison, Apple generated 300,000 iPhone 4 preorders in Korea, but it has not sold one million pieces yet. Apple’s lag might be explained by its limited carrier availability, since the American company relied on one carrier alone (KT) until March. Now both KT and SK Telecom support the iPhone in Korea.

Samsung Galaxy S II sales are definitely going to increase as the smartphone is present on other important world markets. The company is very likely to use the same all-fronts launching strategy in the US as well, and release SGS II on all major US carriers.