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Samsung To Launch 4G Android Tablets

Samsung plans to expand its use of Google’s Android OS for its future tablet PCs that the company hopes will be able to rival the iPad.

Samsung already offers the Android-based Galaxy Tab tablet and a range of smartphones based on Google’s platform. "We'll continue to work with Android on future tablets,” Shin said during an interview.

According to an article on The Wall Street Journal, J.K. Shin, the head of mobile division at Samsung that the company hopes to emulate the success it has had with Android powered smartphone with its tablet PCs.

The company is already on schedule to launch two new Galaxy Tab models, one with an 8.9 inch screen and the other with a 10.1 inch screen, this summer. The tablets will run on the Android Honeycomb platform, which was designed specifically for tablets.

Shin also confirmed that the company is in talks with wireless carries in South Korea and the US to launch 4G versions of its Android powered tablet PCs.

“The 4G [fourth-generation] race has already begun. All carriers are coping with high data traffic with the availability of tablets and without 4G service, it will become increasingly difficult to cope,” Shin said during the interview.