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Skype For Windows Installs Extra Program Without Permission

Skype is experiencing a massive user backlash after it decided to install crapware in an update meant for its Windows client.

Users are reporting that the Skype for Windows update installed the EasyBits Go software on their systems without their consent or knowledge.

The crapware, which denotes unwanted software regardless of whether or not it is any good, is developed by software maker Easybits which offers game apps. The platform is supported by several major vendors including HP, Dell, Acer and Skype.

However, installing something without users’ permission hasn't gone over well with Skype users. Skype forums have been bombarded by comments from angry users. Some have demanded a public apology from Skype while others have attempted to link the crapware with Microsoft acquiring Skype.

Skype said in a blog post, which acknowledged the outrage, that Easybit was a Skype Extras partner and had been providing download packages for Skype since 2006. The company, however, failed to answer why the software was installed without user permission.

“The software is provided by our partner EasyBits, and is part of the Skype Extras Manager. The Extras Manager has been included in Windows releases of our software since 2006,” Skype said.

“This latest update from EasyBits included elements of their desktop games organizer in error, but it neither installs nor un-installs correctly. This update has been disabled while we work with them to correct the problems and user experience.”