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Sony Downgrades NGP Specs To Reduce Its Price

Sony has reportedly downgraded the specifications of its upcoming NGP hand-held gaming device to bring its price in line with Nintendo’s 3DS.

According to an article on 01 (opens in new tab), the company has halved the 512 MB on-board memory to 256 MB, though the 128MB V-RAM graphics remains the same.

The company has also decided to reduce the space available to the device’s operating system. Meanwhile, the basic non-3G model of the device will not come with Flash-based memory and will make use of a memory card instead.

The downgrade is expected to have an impact on the device’s functionality, but Sony is concerned that the system won't be competitive if it it is much more expensive than the 3DS, which is retailing at less than £200 in the UK.

Sony is expected to unveil the device at the upcoming E3 conference where Nintendo is also expected to showcase its next generation gaming console, code-named Project Cafe.

Reports are also coming in that the launch of the device may be delayed in the West due to a component shortage caused by the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. The website 01 reckons that the NGP will still launch in Japan on schedule this December.