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Sony's New Portable Gaming Console Rumoured To Be Named PS Vita

Sony is rumoured to have named its upcoming next generation portable (NGP) hand-held gaming device ‘Vita’, which means ‘Life’ in Latin.

The company is expected to unveil the hand-held at the upcoming E3 gaming conference. Industry watchers had been saying that the company will continue using the PlayStation Portable brand name for the console, but the new reports claim otherwise.

GamesPundit cited a source who claimed that Sony has chosen Vita as the final name for the device, which will be launched by the end of this year.

As soon as the news broke Mega Rock Blog posted photos of what appears to be an NGP console branded with the PS Vita name. The photo seems to have been taken from an E3 proof sheet.

However, the images were removed from the blog, which makes us wonder whether the images were fake or Sony’s legal team contacted the blogger.

Mega Rock Blog has also accused GamesPundit of stealing their scoop, and GamesPundit has responded that they have an independent source. Regardless of who started the rumors and speculation, nothing will be confirmed before the E3 conference in Los Angeles, where the company will showcase its new hand-held gaming console for the first time.