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Twitter Identifies User Accused Of Violating Super-Injunction

In a recent development that could have a significant impact on free speech across the Web, micro-blogging giant Twitter has been compelled to hand over the details of a British national who allegedly violated a super-injunction regarding celebrities' personal lives.

Reports suggest that Twitter has handed over the name, telephone number, and email address of the alleged culprit. The move by the company came after a order by the superior court of California on the case; Twitter is based in San Francisco.

According to a Guardian report, the alleged perpetrator, Ahmed Khan, said that he received notification from Twitter that his details had been handed over to authorities. He also rejected the allegations against him.

“It is like something out of 1984. If a council can take this kind of action against one of its own councilors simply because they don't like what I say, what hope is there for freedom of speech or privacy?" said Khan.

In a separate case, star footballer Ryan Giggs of Manchester United fame, threatened to sue a handful of Twitter users including big names such as Piers Morgan, DJ Boy George for allegedly violating his super-injunction.