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VDI At $99 Per Seat, Offer From Kaviza, Wyse

Virtualisation firm Kaviza has joined forces with Wyse, a leading cloud computing vendor, in order to put up a combined effort for delivering turnkey virtual desktop infrastructure to smaller businesses at an affordable price.

The companies announced on Thursday that the price for the new offering will start at $99 per seat, well suited for the growing requirements in smaller businesses.

"There is a huge opportunity in the [SMB] space for virtualization, but quite frankly these guys are terrified of the existing enterprise options," said Jeff McNaught, the chief marketing and strategy officer at Wyse, at the recently held Citrix conference.

“Wyse partnered with Kaviza to really go after this market that has expressed tremendous interest in moving from Terminal Services and simpler technologies, but wanted something priced and featured appropriately," he added.

The new Kaviza-Wyse joint effort will provide the clients with three options. The cheapest amongst the three will merge the VDI-in-a-box by Kaviza with Wyse's PC Extender software, allowing clients to renovate their existing PCs instead of spending money on new ones. This offering is priced at $99 a seat, and is valid under a perpetual licence.

The other two on the other hand, are comparatively more expansive at over $2,290 and $3,290, and come with much extended coverage.