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Women’s Magazines Selling Better On eReader Than On iPad

Women’s magazines have been selling better on colour eReaders than on iPad tablets, a recent report from the New York Times (opens in new tab) suggests. A number of popular women's magazines have been downloaded on the Barnes and Noble Nook Color eReader more than on the iPad or the iPad 2, even though Apple’s tablets outnumber the Nook Color by millions.

The explanation for this lies in demographics. The iPad is purchased more by men, whereas the Nook Color eReader is bought prevailingly by women, Forrester Research informed. According to their report, 56% of iPad users are male, while 55% of eReader users are female.

eReaders are slowly becoming better tablets and women are three times more likely than men to buy an eBook. Considering this trend, digital publishers should adapt their offerings to women’s purchasing behaviour if they wish to increase the number of their readers.

Meredith, an important digital publisher is aware of the trend and is intending to mount its offer for women’s magazines. Liz Schimel, Meredith’s Executive Vice President stated that the company was surprised by this trend and added that now they know what strategy to use.

Amazon’s Kindle is another important player on the tablet market, but the company needs to bring some new features, maybe a color version, if it wants so win the heart of women who read eMagazines.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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