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Activision Planning Subscription Content For Call Of Duty

Game publisher Activision is preparing to launch a monthly subscription-based service for its upcoming game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Called Call of Duty Elite, the subscription service designed for MW3 and future versions, will offer gamers extra downloadable content for a monthly fee, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The subscription-based service will offer content that is not available on game CDs including additional weapons, maps and levels to Call of Duty fans.

Activision has yet to decide on the price of the monthly service, but executives say that they plan to charge less than what other entertainment services like Netflix or game consoles. Netflix offers a monthly subscription of $8 for unlimited movie streaming.

The company also plans to offer a part of the service for free. For example, the Call of Duty Elite will come with a Facebook-like platform and allows users to create profiles and invite friends to play with or against them in the game.

The platform will also come with analytical tools like those found on stock-trading websites to analyse player performance in the game. Gamers will be able to see which weapons have delivered the most kills, among other things.