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AMD hits last minute delay with Bulldozer

An AMD board partner has revealed that the company will be reneging on its plans to launch the next-generation Bulldozer chips at Computex, aiming for an August release instead.

Speaking to thinq_, the board partner explained that AMD's original plan - as all evidence suggested - was the use its scheduled press event on Wednesday to launch its next-generation Bulldozer processor architecture.

Everything seems to be in place - including AM3+ motherboards, required for official Bulldozer support, which have appeared both on stands at Computex and in the retail channel within the last twenty-four hours.

Sadly, a last-minute hiccough has left AMD with a dilemma: it can go ahead with a paper launch tomorrow, or it can cancel the whole shebang and show off something else in its place.

The hiccough, we have been told, stems from performance issues with the first-generation hardware - and with AMD positioning the Bulldozer range to take Intel's Sandy Bridge head-on in the performance market, that's a major issue.

While we're assured that the problem will be resolved in revision B2 of AMD's Bulldozer platform, but that will delay the launch until early August, we're told.

AMD's press event is still due to go ahead tomorrow - and we'll let you know what the company decides to do with it.