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Android, Apple iOS And RIM Consolidate Position In US Market

The smartphone market share is beginning to stabilise in the US and each manufacturer now has its well defined share of the pie, new research from Nielsen suggests.

The Android operating system developed by Google has established itself as the most popular OS in the United States. The system is on 37% of all smartphones and Android’s position has been stable for the last three months. Apple’s iOS has a 26% market share and Blackberry ranks third with 22%. Again, Apple and RIM’s market shares have not varied much in recent months.

After having analyzed 65,000 mobile bills, Nielsen has come to the conclusion that Android users actually use more data than iOS or Blackberry users. The average bill for Android users was 582 MB, while iPhone users have been more frugal with just 492 MB.

Nielsen’s study comes as a relief for Blackberry after RIM’s market shares had previously dropped and the company faced criticism over the PlayBook.

Microsoft’s high hopes for Windows Phone have not yet been met, since the OS holds only about 10% of the market share. Perhaps the updated version, Mango, expected to be launched this autumn, will help Microsoft gain a better position in the smartphone market.

The market pie is completed by WEBOS with a 3% market share and Symbian with 2%.