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Apple sets about replacing MacBook bottoms

Apple is offering free replacements for the bottom case of some of its Macbook computers.

The company says it has identified a problem where the rubber surface of the bottom of some laptops separates from the case and will replace the parts free of charge for an unlimited period.

Macolytes with saggy bottoms can either make an appointment with an in-store 'genius', visit an authorised repairer or order the parts and fix the problem themselves.

Those opting for the latter will get a complete kit including a new case component, screwdriver and screws as well as full instructions.

Apple says that only Macbooks sold between October 2009 and 2011, which are already exhibiting the problem, qualify for the replacement programme.

Anyone caught trying to prise the rubber covering off with a wall scraper will be excommunicated from the Church of Apple (probably).

And anyone who has already paid to have their MacBook's bottom repaired can apply for a refund.