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Asus Officially Releases Padfone Hybrid Tablet

Asus' CEO, Jonney Shih, launched a ground breaking product yesterday, the PadFone, which combines a tablet and a smartphone into one product.

In a clear reference to Apple's head honcho, Shih joked that he won't take the call from Steve as the tablet rang on stage.

Ironically, some commented that it might be a call from Apple's lawyers because of the name and the font used in the product's name.

Shih ran though the reasons as to why having a tablet that runs on a smartphone makes sense. There's no need to transfer data from one device to another as both share a single storage pool (the onboard storage on the phone).

The user can enlarge the screen at any time, which is handy for example when watching a movie. One SIM card can be used for two devices, eliminating the need to have two separate data packages.

The pad or tablet can also be used to charge the phone when needed. Interestingly, the device will also use the rear camera of the smartphone to take pictures.

The Padfone looks a lot like a re-engineered version of the Asus Transformer. Official pictures show that it has a front facing camera, a large bezel and a microHDMI port.

The phone itself is a 4-inch model possibly with a WVGA screen resolution; like the tab it has a micro HDMI port and a microUSB one as well.