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A first look at Gigabyte's Sumo Power Fanless PSU

While Gigabyte is a well-known name in the world of graphics cards and motherboards, its other output is often overlooked - and in the case of its upcoming Sumo Fanless power supply, that'd be a real shame.

The first fanless entry into the company's Sumo Power range of PSUs, the Sumo Fanless, is as its name suggests: a completely fanless unit offering an impressive 650W of power without the need for active cooling.

The company has achieved this through the use of a special printed circuit board design, which channels the heat output by the PSU's components into a large heatsink which makes up a stripe down the middle of the device's bottom.

With decent airflow in the case, that means completely fan-free power - yet still enough grunt to drive a mid-spec home theatre or even small gaming PC. Better yet, the Sumo Fanless is 80+ Gold rated for efficiency.

As with the company's other Sumo Power PSU, the Fanless includes 'high-quality' Japanese capacitors, a double anti-EMI design to prevent interference, large DC filter chokes, and a sleeved cable for neatness. Sadly, however, there's no modular option on offer as yet.

The entire top of the unit is peppered with beehive ventilation, as are the sides - keeping the air flowing past the internal heatsinks no matter what direction from which it may be coming.

Gigabyte was unable to offer a timescale for release beyond 'soon', sadly - and was equally reticent to provide pricing. Buyers can expect to pay a premium over the equivalent fan-equipped model, however.